Agility Dog Training

Border collie running a dog agility courseAgility dog training is a great way to have fun while bonding with your dog. Dogs and their handlers will utilize basic obedience techniques to learn how to effectively execute the obstacles in an agility course. This will include all ground work skills such as sit, stay, focus/watch me, leave it, and walking on a leash. These techniques will be perfected throughout your agility training sessions.

As you progress through the differing levels you will also learn all the handling techniques needed to effectively complete agility courses. Below are all the various agility classes we offer. Be sure to check the Calendar for class times and dates.

Agility dog training sessions are six weeks long, one hour each week. Punch cards are available for Intermediate and Advanced classes only. Prices are listed below.

Half-hour private agility lessons are also available on a limited bases for $40.

We allow up to two handlers per dog in our classes.

Updated shots and a negative fecal test that is at least 6 months recent is required at registration. Any dogs one year and older must have a current DHPP vaccine and rabies vaccine.

See our FAQ for more information on our vaccine policy.

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Six week course, weekly class

This is a class designed for young puppies, ages 4 months to one year, which will introduce them to the world of agility. All equipment will be very low impact, and no stress will be placed on their little bodies. This is a chance for them to get used to the sights and sounds of the agility world, and to have fun at a young age.

Puppies will learn body language from their handlers, verbal commands which will be used on the agility course, and begin to see and touch all of the agility equipment… but at the puppy level. They will be in a smaller arena, in a safe and secure environment, where they can romp and play, and learn!

Please be aware that Intro to Agility and Puppy Agility requires some running and twisting of the handler. The handler needs to be in reasonably good health to participate in agility classes. Your dog and puppy will be running in all the agility classes. If you’re not sure you can participate please call the office and ask to speak to an agility trainer.

Six week course, weekly class

Intro to Agility is a wonderful activity for the high energy dog. This class is open to dogs 10 months and older. It gives the dog a “job” and many times reduces distractive behavior in the home. It’s also been proven to help build confidence in a shy dog and involves lots of positive reinforcement. It’s a great activity for both the dog and handler.

The focus of this class is for the dog and handler to learn each obstacle in a safe and positive manner. The key is to build confidence, which will later lead to speed and consistency from the dog. New dogs learn on lowered, adjustable equipment which will gradually increase to full height throughout training.

Lots of treats are used as well as toys to reward dogs and keep them motivated. Basic handling skills are learned as we begin short sequences. No pinch, choke or electronic collars are used, and no corrections are needed!!!

Six week course, weekly class

This may be an ONGOING CLASS and space may be limited to 6 dogs.

Beginner Agility is for all dogs that have completed our Intro to Agility course. Now that the dogs and handlers are familiar with all of the equipment, they’re ready to learn different crosses and handling skills. Handlers will learn front crosses, rear crosses, turns and switches in addition to blind crosses.

Dogs will still be learning to conquer the teeter and will still be working on mastering the weave poles using gates to guide them through.

$250 for six classes or $300 for 10 classes

This is an ON-GOING CLASS and is paid via punch card.

Intermediate Agility is suitable for dogs that know all the equipment and are comfortable on it at full height. There will also be additional challenging course work.

for six classes or $300 for 10 classes

This is usually a closed, ON-GOING CLASS. Drop-ins are welcome with the trainer’s permission.

Advanced agility is for dogs that can perform 12 weave poles without any training aids or gates. All equipment is at full height. More complicated course will be set to challenge both dogs and handlers. This class is ideal for individuals who are thinking about competing or handlers already competing.


  • Dogs must have vaccinations and negative fecal exam at least 6 months recent. Please bring your shot records to the first night of class. See our FAQ for more information on this.
  • Payment is due in full prior to class start date.
  • Please dress comfortably in tennis shoes.
  • Please be sure your dog is in good health and fit for this training.
  • If you or your dog have a special need such as recovering from an injury or surgery, please let us know ahead of class.


  • Aggressive dogs.
  • Choke, pinch, or shock collars.
  • Sandals or flip flops.
  • Bitches in season. We can make these classes up if this happens.