SmartyPaws dog training accreditations and affiliations

$250 for six weeks

Our KinderPuppy classes are for puppies up to six months old.

This class gives your puppy the fundamentals to be a good companion at home, out in public, at the groomers, and veterinarian. You must attend at least the first two classes to finish this course. If you miss any classes after that, you will be able to make those up. Just talk to your trainer. If you can’t attend the first two classes scheduled we recommend you wait and just come to a different KinderPuppy session.

Puppies will learn obedience commands such as sit, down, come, leave it, and stay. Exercises learned include walking on a leash, puppy retrieves, stand for exam, petting by strangers, and recall games.

Discussion in this session include: housetraining, chewing, bite inhibition, handling, correct use of toys, crate training, jumping, digging, socializing, and individual issues of the puppy and its family.

You will have written homework of items covered in each weekly session.

  • Puppies must have at least two sets of puppy vaccinations or titers and a negative fecal test for classes and lessons at SmartyPaws.
  • Please do not bring dogs on extendable/retractable leashes.
  • Bring small bite treats that your dog loves!