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Our Cancelation Policy: You must cancel at least 72 hours in advance before the class starts. We may give you credit for a future class, but if you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, there will be no refunds, because you have taken a spot in a class that other people are waiting to enroll in.

Intermediate Distance Agility

Intermediate Distance Agility will continue to build longer sequences with added elements such as layering, course analysis and combined near/away work. This class will continue to build on foundation skills to increase your distance handling capabilties including difficult obstacle entry angles, layering, speed with control and control at greater distances.

Dogs must have completed Intro to Distance Agility to take Intermediate Distance Agility.

Dogs must have a good start line stay, be able to perform consistent weaves without gates, have consistent contacts (either running or a stop at the end). Dogs and handlers should be familiar with barrel work exercises.

Pre-requisite skills for this class are:

  • Ability to excel at Intro to Distance Agility skills.
    • Most students in this class are competing at the NADAC Elite or AKC Master level and have advanced from the Intro to Distance class.

      In order to take classes at Smarty Paws, you must bring your dog's up to date shot records and negative fecal exam from within the last 6 months.

      Please discuss with Todd if this level would be appropriate for you. If you are unsure when the class is occurring you may check our calendar and verify with your instructor at

      This is a continuous class and is punch card only.

      Your instructor is Todd Holt.

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