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Open Classes:

Agility is a wonderful activity for the high energy dog. It gives the dog a “job” and many times reduces destructive behavior in the home. It has also been proven to help build confidence in a shy dog. Positive reinforcement using food or toys is used in training. Great activity for both dog and handler.


For dogs 10 months and older. The focus of this class is for the dog and handler to learn each obstacle in a safe and positive manner. The key is to build confidence, which will later lead to speed and consistency from the dog. All of the contact equipment is fully adjustable, and new dogs learn on lowered equipment and gradually increase to full height.

Lots of treats are used as well as toys to reward dogs while they learn and to keep them motivated. Basic handling skills are learned as we begin short sequences. No pinch, choke or electronic collars are used, and no corrections are needed!!!

This is a fun class for dog and handler to bond while learning new skills, building confidence and giving the dog a job to do!!!


Agility Classes are taken in this order:

Intro to Agility

Novice Agility (upon completion of Intro to Agility)

Open Agility (with permission from Instructor)

Intro to Distance Agility (while attending Novice or Open Agility)

Competition Agility (with permission form Instructor)

Puppy Agility (for dogs under 1 year of age)


  • Walk on leash, sit, down, recall with distractions.
  • Know what motivates your dog, toys, treats ,etc.
  • You may also enroll your dog in our or Basic Obedience class before enrolling in Intro to Agility.
  • Younger dogs may enroll in our Puppy Agility class before entering Intro to Agility.


  • Dogs must have proof of current vaccinations, as well as proof of a negative fecal exam that is at least 6 months recent. Please bring your shot records to the first night of class.
  • Payment is due in full prior to class start date to save yourself a spot in class.
  • These classes will be held inside on rubber flooring, please dress comfortably.
  • Please be sure your dog is in good health and fit for this training. If you or your dog has a special need, please let me know, i.e. recovering from injury, surgery, etc. for which we can lower jumps or do controlled exercises instead.


  • Aggressive dogs.
  • Choke, pinch, or shock collars.
  • Bitches in season. We can make these classes up if this happens.

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