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Open Classes:

Emotional Support Dog: an emotional support dog DOES NOT have full access to the public. This dog must have perfect manners and must be able to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test at the conclusion of the course. The dog does have access to: Planes, Public Transportation, and Apartments. It can not be charged for pet rent or pet fees.

Assistance Dogs: Assist with Medical Alert, Diabetic Alert, PTSD, Anxiety, Hearing Alert. Assistance Dogs have full access to the public. To begin attending assistance dog class, it is recommended that dogs start out with a Basic Obedience Class. Dogs must have an evaluation with the Service Dog Trainer prior to attending Assistance Dog Class. The price of evaluation is $50. Dogs will have a temperament test and a work ethic evaluation as part of this evaluation.

Service Dogs: Mobility/ Task Service Dogs have FULL access to the public. To attend Service Dog Class, it is recommended that the dog start with a Basic Obedience class. Dogs must have an evaluation for temperament and work ethic with the Service Dog Trainer prior to attending Service Dog Class. The price of the evaluation is $50. Please call the office at 702-396-8501 to schedule the evaluation.
Each dog and handler are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Therapy Dog: A Therapy dog does not have the same access rights as a Service Dog. They go to schools, nursing homes, hospitals , retirement centers, or hospice on a pre-arranged schedule to visit the staff and individuals in these facilities. A training curriculum designed to teach you and your dog the skills necessary to take the Alliance of Therapy Dogs evaluation exam. A five week session that teaches the behaviors to pass a Canine Good Citizen test administered by an AKC certified CGC evaluator.

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