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What is the difference between Boot Camp and Day Care?

Our Boot Camp & Day Care is open Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 6 PM. We are open at both of our locations.

Day Care $30.00 per day- is strictly playtime, we hold structured play groups and dogs will be put into a rotation schedule, rotating between play time and rest time. Prerequisites for Day Care:

  • Dogs must be crate trained.
  • Dogs must be social. (Does not have to play with other dogs but cannot be aggressive towards people or dogs in any way)
  • Dogs must not have any behavior issues such as: capping crates, destructive behaviors, aggression and/or fear.

All dogs must go through and evaluation day on their first day of Day Care.  Their first day will be a day of Boot Camp charged at Boot Camp Price ($50.00) to ensure that the dog meets the prerequisites for Day Care.

Boot Camp $50.00 per day- is training in addition to play time.  Dogs will learn:

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience
  • Agility
  • Tricks
  • Continuing education from classes

Behavior Modification $55.00 per day – is for dogs that are struggling with with negative behaviors such as

  • Aggression
  • Fearful/Timid
  • Reactive (barking at people,dog, ect.)
  • Separation Anxiety

Punch cards are available for students that plan on continued attendance.

Boot Camp Punch Card : $450.00 for 10 days of Boot Camp

Day Care Punch Card :  $250.00 for 10 days of Day Care

No punch card is available for Behavior Modification.

Half Day rates are available as well.  A half day is 4hrs or less: Boot Camp – $35.00, Day Care – $20.00.  No half day rates apply to Behavior Modification.


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