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Reactive Dog Class

A class to help your reactive dog! Click here to sign up for class


Does your dog act aggressive, barking, lunging and over-reacting toward other dogs, people, kids or other stimuli? If so, you may have a ‘reactive dog’.

This 6-week class will teach you why your dog is reactive and show you how to use scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods to help change your dog’s behavior.

Our class offers insight, understanding and support to dog owners who struggle with owning fearful and aggressive dogs.

Your dog will learn and practice basic manners, behavior modification and calming and relaxation techniques that will help your dog cope in a world with other dogs, strangers and things that cause them fear and anxiety.

Owners will learn how to responsibly keep your dog safe and in control at home and while out in public places.

Classes are limited to a small group so you can get the individual attention and training you need.

A  private in home training evaluation with one of our trainers is required prior to class enrollment.

You will also need to show proof of current shots and a 6 month recent negative fecal test exam to take classes at smarty paws.





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