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Kimm Bonecutter

Kimm Bonecutter

Obedience and Agility Trainer

Kimm currently teaches Puppy, Basic and Intermediate Obedience Classes, She teaches private lessons in obedience and agility and helps troubled dogs with behavior issues.  She also enjoys teaching Puppy Agility!

Kimm started training at SmartyPaws 2 years ago and has been training dogs since the early 70’s.  Kimm’s motivation to begin training came from her own dogs.  For most of her life she rescued shelter dogs, and as most rescue dogs do, they needed some extra love, care and training.  She attended classes with her dogs and eventually, after a great deal of research on various training techniques, began training on her own, bother her own dogs and dogs of her friends.

Kimm graduated Animal Behavior College with honors and continues to update her knowledge and skills with continuing education courses. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and attends their conferences, workshops and seminars.

She has and continues to volunteer many hours of her time at a local shelter.  She also does presentations about pet FA/CPR for a rescue group.

Kimm is currently the proud parent of two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrieves (Tollers).  They keep her busy competing and training in many sports, such as Agility, Obedience, Rally, Barn Hunt and Dock Diving. “Recently they competed in their first Dock Diving competition and both made it into the finals!” Kimm said, “Most importantly, they have fun at whatever they do! They love learning new tricks and activities and I love training them!”

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