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Karin Fastow

Karin Fastow

Intro, Novice & Open Agility Trainer

Karin’s love for dog training started when she was quite young, she said, “I’ve trained dogs since I was a little girl.  Starting with teaching my Chihuahua’s to walk a runway to show off dog fashions.” Karin has been training in Agility since 1998 and began teaching agility in 2006.  Her love for animals has been a great motivator to become a dog trainer.

Over the years, Karin has taken many seminars with leading agility trainers/handlers.  She has titles on her dogs in the following venues: AKC, TDAA, NADAC, CPE.  This includes 2 MACH’s (Master Agility Champion) and 5 TACH’s (Teacup Agility Champion.) She has been to the AKC National, AKC Invitational and TDAA National.

Karin is a big supporter of rescue groups.  She helps with the doggie rescue network in sending out communication on available dogs.  She has been a foster for rescue dogs.  She is a member of Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada and runs it annual major fund raiser for Sheltie Rescue of Southern Nevada.

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