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Donna Mullin

Donna Mullin

Puppy Behavior and Obedience Trainer

Donna has been training puppies for over 25 years. Originally she taught Basic Obedience and after years of showing dogs and whelping (birthing) puppies, she began attending Puppy Training Seminars on starting puppies right from the whelping box to be self confident and happy canine citizens.

Donna is constantly updating and re-education herself on the newest training techniques. She has traveled to many individual seminars with Kathy Sdao, Sue Ailsby and Denese Fenzi and she attended the Clicker Expo at the Karen Pryor Academy She says, “the Clicker Expo put all the phases of training into one wonderful weekend of experts from all over the world.”

She is currently putting her clicker abilities to work assisting the Service Dog: Puppy Foundations class at SmartyPaws Canine Coaching.  She also regularly teaches KinderPuppy Classes.

Her personal accomplishments are centered on watching her socialized pups go out into the world as trusting companion and performance dogs.  She has raised Champions and Grand Champions in the Show Ring and has trained a dog to Utility in Competitive Obedience.  Of her accomplishments she says, “I scored highest in trial once in my life with a little miniature poodle called Tiki. But my very happiest moments are seeing pups that I whelped and trained go on to be wonderful companions and cherished family members!”

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