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Brenda Pesek

Brenda Pesek

Canine Nosework Instuctor


Brenda has been a trainer at SmartyPaws since the summer of 2015.  Previously a student of SmartyPaws, she trained 5 of her family’s dogs in Competition Nosework and 2 dogs in Agility.  Her love for the Nosework sport, her friendly and outgoing personality, her great dedication and experience in Nosework make her a great addition to the SmartyPaws team.  Brenda teaches Canine Nosework Intro through Advanced at our North Las Vegas location regularly. 

 Prior to training at SmartyPaws, Brenda was involved with Team in Training, a group that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Brenda has taken over 19 sessions (6 week courses) of Nose Work and has, and continues, to study and attend Nosework Seminars.  Of her own personal accomplishments she says, “My dog Callie has passed her Odor Recognition Tests in all three scents needed to compete in NACSW events.  Callie has gotten both her Level 1 and Level 2 K9 Nose Work titles as well as Element Specialty titles in Level 1 Containers and Level 1 Vehicles.  Callie has also competed in AKC, NADAC and TDAA agility events where she has earned many qualifying runs.  I have also taken three of my family member’s dogs through their Odor Recognition Tests and passed all scents.  This Fall I plan on taking my mother’s dog through his Odor Recognition Tests and competing with my sister’s dog in her first nose work trial.  And Callie will be working towards her Level 3 title in nose work as well.”


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