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Barb Lauer

Barb Lauer

Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor

Barb is a Las Vegas native, who retired from the Clark County School District, after teaching 31

wonderful years at the elementary level. During those years, she was active with teaching, taking care

of family members, and enjoying life with her husband, Steve and many, many pets. Mostly dogs and

cats, along with some desert tortoises, chickens, ducks and geese!

After losing two incredible border collies to very difficult conditions, one with auto-immune disease, and

the other with severe epilepsy, Barb and Steve needed to fill their lives again with new energy. And that

came in the form of three rescues from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue and one from a very reputable


First came Tad, at age two. Even though he was energetic and playful, they soon found out that he had a

severe case of separation anxiety. He was surrendered when his human mom passed away, and the

husband had no idea how to handle this dog that was literally chewing up living room furniture. After six

months of Tad using the dining room for his bathroom, too fearful to go outside by himself, Donna

Foreman suggested a K9 Nose Work class for Tad, taught by a certified NW instructor. Life changed


Over time, Tad grew in confidence and was able to be crated when he understood that crating was part

of this new game that he enjoyed. Being away from his new mom, Barb, was also part of this experience.

Three years later they continue to train because Tad thinks this is the best thing ever and is exuberant

about his part in this adventure. Barb and Tad have been trialing in NACSW trials, and in the last trial

that they titled, NW2, Tad proudly came in first place with the fastest time. (The other three dogs at her

home are also into nose work, obedience, and one loves agility).

Not only did K9 Nose Work change Tad, but Barb, as well. So inspired, she went through the NACSW

(National Association of Canine Scent Work) instructor program and is now a certified K9 Nose Work

Instructor. She absolutely loves the process of working with dog teams, bringing out what is instinctively

already in our dogs, and following the incredible philosophy and development of K9 Nose Work.

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