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Novice Agility

Open Classes:

This class was previously called Intermediate Agility.

Student and dog must have completed Intro to Agility or be evaluated by instructor before entering this level of agility.

Drop-ins welcome for only $30, or punch cards are 6 classes for $185, and 10 classes are $250.

This class picks up where the intro class leaves off. Dog and handler teams are now performing short sequences of obstacles, off leash, with the handler using verbal and body cues to direct the dog. The focus is on building consistent body cues and to prevent bad habits from forming on the part of the dog and/or handler.

Contact obstacles increase to full height in this class.

Control exercises are also used in class to continue working on our dogs sit, down, stay and recall command in a distracting and exciting environment.

Games are involved to sharpen our dog's response time and keep learning fun.

Graduation consists of Agility games and prizes.

Prerequisites for Novice Agility Class:

  • Dog must have completed an Intro to Agility class at Smarty Paws or other training facility
  • Dog should be comfortable on all equipment, be able to stay with handler off leash and have a good recall with distractions.
  • The dog will still be learning the weave poles and the teeter, and contacts will be at less than full height.
  • Puppies and dogs must have proof of current vaccinations for classes or lessons at SmartyPaws.
  • Do not bring dogs on extendable/retractable leashes or harnesses.
  • Bring small bite treats that your dog loves!

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