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December 2020
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Gift Guide For Pets!
Video - Early Puppy Socialization!
Holiday Decorations & Pet Safety!

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Why You Should Socialize Your Puppy Early!
Positive experiences now can prevent a lifetime of problems

Early SocializationThe first 3-4 months of a puppy's life is a critical developmental period, a time when sociability outweighs fear.

During this time it is essential for puppies to be exposed (in safe, positive ways) to as many different types of people, animals, surfaces, sounds, and experiences as possible.

Incomplete or improper socialization during this important time can increase the risk of behavioral problems later in life including fear, avoidance, and aggression.

SmartyPaws is offering 1 hr Puppy Socials in December and January. This is a great opportunity to socialize a new puppy in a safe and healthy environment.

Please call our office at 702-396-8501 for details, or go to our website to find a day and time that would be best for you and your puppy.

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Smarty Paws!
New Classes Are Starting In January!
Don't wait to sign up!

ClassesWhether you have a new puppy or a dog with advanced skills, SmartyPaws has the class for you this January!

Basic Obedience class, Kinderpuppy class (for puppies 6 months and younger), Intro to Agility, Puppy Agility, Conditioning and Fitness class, and more.

Sign up early to avoid missing out! If a class is full, we will place you on a "wait list" to be the first to get into the next class.

Visit our website for dates and details!

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Smarty Paws!
Great Gift Ideas For Pets This Year!
Pets enjoying new gifts brings holiday cheer!

Gift GuideWatching your pets open and enjoy gifts can be the best part of the holidays!

Watching your furry loved one tear open the paper on a new gift is wonderful, but don't forget about experience-based gifts, which are also great for pets!

If you have any pet lovers on your list, they will always appreciate a gift for their pets, too! 

Read more! 

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Smarty Paws!
The Why, When, and How of Puppy Socialization!
Early puppy socialization is absolutely crucial!

What is early puppy socialization, why is it so important, and how can you socialize your puppy properly? Check out this video for some basic tips and guidance!


Watch the video!

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Smarty Paws!
Keep Your Pets Safe For The Holidays!
Tips to avoid hidden holiday dangers!

Plants Holiday decorations, flowers, and celebrations can make the winter months beautiful, but many can also pose a danger to your pets.

Find out how to choose or modify your decorations appropriately with these tips for a pet-safe holiday season!

Read more!

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